Our Story


African Community Advancement Initiative (ACAI) is a collaboration between East Africans and Americans. It was founded in response to the alarming deficiencies of sustainable development in rural Sub-Saharan Africa.  Nearly 50 percent of the population lives on less than US$ 1 per day. Most of this poverty occurs in rural areas where they often have no access to tools that will improve their lives, as they struggle with malnutrition and starvation, as well as poor physical and cognitive development, especially in children. ACAI focuses on sustainable economic development projects – primarily agriculture – at the local level to empower rural families to improve their lives infinitely. Our platform is sustainable, which means that families will no longer depend on aid for necessities. Instead, they will have the ability to drastically make a better life for themselves for generations to come. This ensures community survival without sacrificing culture or customs. Please donate to us today, because the smallest contribution can have the largest lasting impact for those who need it most.

Why Donate to Africa?

Africa hosts nine of the ten poorest countries on earth in terms of per capita gross domestic product (GDP).[1]   Nearly 70 percent of all impoverished Africans live in rural communities and depend on agriculture for their food and income.[2] These communities often lack basic necessities such as medical care, clean water sources, sufficient sanitation systems and electricity. Children  are rarely privy to primary education in comparison to their urban counterparts. Also, access to suitable health care continues to be a major issue. Food security has become such an obstacle that 45 percent of all deaths to children under 5 are a result of malnutrition.[3]

TZ mega farm in Chumbi C pic 24The United Nations Human Development Index combines statistics in education, living standards and health to determine the overall range of ongoing development at the personal level, showing that people and their capabilities “should be the ultimate criteria for assessing the development of a country.”[4] Sub-Saharan Africa accounted for over 80 percent of all countries listed in the low human development category, the lowest category, including the bottom ten.[5] With the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) deadline rapidly approaching in 2015, significant strides need to be made in such areas as poverty and hunger, access to health care and overall education standards. These seem like overwhelming figures, but in reality, a complete local system of sustainable development in each of these sectors will help make these impoverished communities flourish.

Emphasizing the improvement of the people and their well-being remains paramount to assuring that travesties such as poverty and illiteracy become a thing of the past. The African Community Advancement Initiative envelopes a local approach to building sustainable development, focusing on Africa’s most impoverished and underdeveloped regions. In the rural environment each issue will be addressed through a problem-solving strategy that caters to the needs of the community. This design specifically ensures that a system of long-term development can be implemented to maximize community strength. Through programs designed to train, educate and empower the inhabitants, the African Community Advancement Initiative will tackle poverty and underdevelopment at its core, on the local level.

African Community Advancement Initiative Operations

TZ mega farm in Chumbi C pic 6The platform for African Community Advancement Initiative is to work at the ground level in rural communities in Africa, together with local leaders, to devise and implement a strategy for improving communities to encourage more efficient, rapid and sustainable development. The initial process will involve an overall assessment that will pinpoint the deficiencies present and develop strategies that will address these on a long-term basis to the greatest benefit of the community. The objective is not only improving the community, but implementing programs that will enhance the capabilities of the people within the community to ensure long-term success. Help us reach our goal to empower locals by providing the opportunities for them to grow as a community and eliminate the pattern of underdevelopment and poverty. ACA Initiative’s current project is in rural Tanzania.


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