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IMG_1541The African Community Advancement Initiative has begun a fundraising strategy that allows generous donors the opportunity to Adopt-a-Family in the Chumbi area as part of their participation in the Rufiji River Project. In order to Adopt-a-Family, the specified donor contributes $300 to the ACA Initiative on their website, under the “Adopt-a-Family” button displayed throughout the website. Each $300 Adopt-a-Family donation provides the intensive training course, seed, fertilizer and environmentally friendly insecticides to help the farming family complete their first planting and harvesting. Based on initial research utilizing these tools and training will increase outputs by 200-500 percent! This will allow enough food to feed the family, as well as surplus that can be sold to purchase the second agricultural package. This sponsorship could provide the tools and training to feed a family indefinitely!

Once the contribution is received, the ACA Initiative will match you with a family in the Chumbi area. You will be provided a picture of that family and are allowed to correspond with the family via letter. Care packages may be sent but must not include any food stuffs. Throughout the process, updates will be sent to you about the family that you choose to adopt including pictures, return correspondence and progress. This unique program allows the generous contributor to learn how their money is being used, the impact this sponsorship has on a family long-term and creates a bond between the donor and the adopted family that can last a lifetime. With only limited families in the area, do not miss out on this chance to make a difference for the people of Chumbi and their beautiful children. Just ask yourself: How will you change the world?