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Image provided by: http://deshamar.wordpress.com/2011/05/20/bangladesh-going-to-expand-the-agricultural-farming-industry-in-tanzania/

Forgotten farmers: Poverty and development in rural Africa

This article is republished with permission from Consultancy Africa Intelligence (CAI). For more information, see Consultancy Africa Intelligence. Poverty in Africa is not a new phenomenon. During the colonial period, European powers oppressed and impoverished many African natives specifically to maintain a stronghold over the population while vast resources were exploited for the benefit of […]

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The Rufiji River, image courtesy of http://www.big5.explorertravel.co.uk/SelousGameReserve.htm

Rufiji River Project

Tanzania Rufiji River Communities This current and ongoing project of ACA Initiative partners with rural communities surrounding the Rufiji River in southeastern Tanzania. The inhabitants of this area are some of the most impoverished on earth, with the average family earning less than $1 per day, limiting their annual income to $300 per year. While […]