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Resources related to our efforts. We try to document everything as a way to inform others about our cause.

Chumbi School Rebuilding Project

Watch this video on YouTube: Chumbi School Rebuilding Project   African Community Advancement Initiative is committed to helping provide opportunities for impoverished rural children to better themselves indefinitely. Providing a school environment that is safe and suitable for learning is the first step. That is why we committed to the community of Chumbi to help […]

Dengue Fever: Climate Change Driving the Spread of Disease

By Elliott Levett Last month, Tanzania saw a drastic spike in the number of people infected with dengue fever. Although the numbers vary between sources, United Nations Radio claims the disease “has killed three people and infected more than 400”. The health ministry has reported that over 60 patients are currently being treated for the […]

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Somaliland: Prosperity out of Negligence

  By Elliott Levett Somalia has remained in turmoil for the last twenty years. They have only small remnants of a functioning government, which only controls parts of the capital, Mogadishu, and much of the country is under the control of warlords. In the north, however, Somaliland has found much greater success. They have their […]

Ethnicity in South Sudan

By Elliott Levitt South Sudan has been plagued with conflict since gaining independence in 2011. Disputes with Sudan over the oil-rich region of Abyei and other disagreements on oil revenues initially kept the Sudanese and South Sudanese governments preoccupied for much of the first two years following their separation. This led to a shutdown of […]

Increased agricultural productivity in Sub-Saharan Africa through gender empowerment: An impossible dream?

Written by Christina Cheong (1) This article is republished with permission from Consultancy Africa Intelligence (CAI). For more information, see Consultancy Africa Intelligence. Although rapidly urbanising, 63% of the population of Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) still live in rural areas, with 80-90% of the population engaged in agriculture.(2) While the effectiveness of agriculture, as an economic sector, in lifting […]

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Links to other articles

Links to other articles: Continent Observer: Tanzania must properly utilise resource wealth Is Canada fit for purpose to help Tanzania achieve transparency in Extractive Industries? Africa is the Net Creditor? This should not surprise us… Al-Jazeera: Poor Tanzanians left out of resource rush     by

Image provided by: http://deshamar.wordpress.com/2011/05/20/bangladesh-going-to-expand-the-agricultural-farming-industry-in-tanzania/

Forgotten farmers: Poverty and development in rural Africa

This article is republished with permission from Consultancy Africa Intelligence (CAI). For more information, see Consultancy Africa Intelligence. Poverty in Africa is not a new phenomenon. During the colonial period, European powers oppressed and impoverished many African natives specifically to maintain a stronghold over the population while vast resources were exploited for the benefit of […]