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Chumbi School Rebuilding Project

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African Community Advancement Initiative is committed to helping provide opportunities for impoverished rural children to better themselves indefinitely. Providing a school environment that is safe and suitable for learning is the first step. That is why we committed to the community of Chumbi to help repair their broken school and make their latrines safer and more hygienic. This project will open up the opportunity for volunteer teachers to visit and help improve English skills among the children.

We are over halfway to our fundraising goal. We need your help to make this project successful and effective for the children of the Chumbi community for many generations. Please click on the donation button above and make your contribution today. Remember, every little bit helps! If you live in the Denver metro area and would like to attend our upcoming fundraiser on Saturday, May 16, 2015 please click here for details.

African Community Advancement Initiative and the community of Chumbi would like to thank our sponsors for the Chumbi School Rebuilding Project. We are still looking for more sponsors. If you or your business would like to sponsor this project please email the administrator at info@acainitiative.org or click here to sponsor our event.


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