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Patrick Mwenda Secondary School Scholarship Recipients

ACAI worker Shadad passes out materials to students for an Education in Africa

African Community Advancement Initiative is proud to present this year’s Patrick Mwenda Scholarship recipients. These students are headed to secondary school – also known as high school in the United States – and while new Tanzanian President John Magufuli made all school grade 12 and under free from tuition, there are still a host of secondary costs that accompany attending secondary school in Tanzania. These include books, uniforms, book bags, shoes, school supplies and transportation. Given that the average family in rural Rufiji – where ACAI works – earns approximately $300 per year, many families cannot afford to send their children onto secondary school. Therefore, their schooling ends at grade 7 (about 13-14 years old).

ACAI wanted to make sure this never happened again. That is why in 2015, during our Chumbi School Renovation Project, ACAI committed to the Patrick Mwenda Scholarship Fund to pay for these secondary costs of children attending school for rural families that could not afford it. A special thank you to all of you that generously contributed to providing an impoverished and disenfranchised African child receive the gift of education. Your generous donations were able to cover ALL of the students this year that could not afford school themselves.

ACAI is proud to present this year’s recipients:

  1. Abdul Rahman Mbonde
  2. Haruni Makope
  3. Hassan Ngamba
  4. Jamali Likaba
  5. Lata Joseph
  6. Majiba Power
  7. Mohamedi Ndengu
  8. Mustapha Ndeu
  9. Omary Gongolo
  10. Daula Mlanzi
  11. Mwajuma Mtanga
  12. Pili Nongwa
  13. Zaituni Ngarabuke
  14. Asha Nguyu
African Education for Children is an important step in rural development

ACAI Finance Director Victor Mwenda and Deputy Executive Director Dr. Bonus Caesar setup to pass out supplies for all students.