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Rufiji River Community Project

Chumbi C Residence, a location near African Community Advancement Initiative's first project

Chumbi C Residence

This current and ongoing project of ACA Initiative will partner with rural communities around the Rufiji River in central Tanzania. The rural inhabitants of this area are some of the most impoverished on earth, with the average person earning less than $1.25 per day, limiting their income to under $400 annually. While these may seem like daunting figures to overcome, the reality is that a smart and efficient platform backed by sound investment can make a considerable difference towards curbing poverty and funding sustainable development in the area.

With 80 percent of the population in the area surrounding the Rufiji River exclusively dependent on small scale farming for their livelihood, improving farming practices and output remains the most vital component towards escaping the reality of perpetual poverty. As in many communities in sub-Saharan Africa, this region often suffers through food shortages, which drives up the price of food. When their farms do not produce sufficient crops to keep their families from starvation, the people must turn to the marketplace. However, high prices in times of food shortages often push these families out of the market, leaving them with little choice but to survive on the small amounts of sustenance they produce from their harvests. The first step of development that ACA Initiative will address, through its multi-tiered community development strategy, will be to  eliminate this deficiency.

Project Summary

Utilizing a land plot of 250 acres, ACA Initiative is building a training farm, which will double as an agricultural package provider and job-training facility to support the surrounding local community.  The farm will serve as a training facility for farmers on how to properly maximize the agricultural package to significantly improve output.  Upon completion of the training program, the farmers will receive agricultural packages with advanced seed and fertilizer. Therefore, the ACA Initiative will supply small farmers with the tools and training to ensure modern farming techniques are utilized to maximize farmland production. Over time this system will create a surplus that provides income for farmers to purchase other necessities of livelihood for their families.
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In addition, ACA Initiative will enhance its partnership with the community by filling voids in education and health care. The vast majority of people in the area have little-to-no education and 80 percent of all people will never see a doctor in their lifetime. This leaves a substantial part of the community with no assistance in the treatment of HIV/AIDS, children with malnutrition and birthing support. ACA Initiative will address these challenges with permanent and sustainable infrastructure.

These three facets of development will signify a healthier, more efficient and developed commune. By using self-sustaining strategies, the community will flourish without sacrificing culture or customs.

Details of Rufiji River Community Project