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2017 Scholarship

Zuhura Juma Mng’ombe Zuhura Juma Mng’ombe
Zamba Sadiki Mtambo Zamba Sadiki Mtambo
Zainabu Adamu Samweli Zainabu Adamu Samweli
Tamasha Said Mkuku Tamasha Said Mkuku
Siwema Mohamed Choma Siwema Mohamed Choma
Sijali Bakari Mkobokwa Sijali Bakari Mkobokwa
Rahma Idi Matimbwa Rahma Idi Matimbwa
Nasra Hasani Mketo Nasra Hasani Mketo
Mbwana Mwichande Matunu Mbwana Mwichande Matunu
Hawa Yusuph Mtulia Hawa Yusuph Mtulia
Fatuma Abdallah Ndolela Fatuma Abdallah Ndolela
Faidi Maurid Kitambulio Faidi Maurid Kitambulio
Aziza Mohamed Mketo Aziza Mohamed Mketo
Asia Hamidu Ngamba Asia Hamidu Ngamba
Amina Mohamed Ngamba Amina Mohamed Ngamba

2016 Scholarship

Kasimu Hasani Mnyoro Kasimu Hasani Mnyoro
Mohamedi Juma Mkikima Mohamedi Juma Mkikima
Abdallah Hamidu Mmebela Abdallah Hamidu Mmebela
Ithinaini Haji Mpili Ithinaini Haji Mpili
Abdallah Musa Mng’Eresa Abdallah Musa Mng’Eresa
Saidi Omari Kiepele Saidi Omari Kiepele

2015 Scholarship

Jamali Muharami Likaba Jamali Muharami Likaba
Hasani Hamidu Ngamba Hasani Hamidu Ngamba
Pili Said Nongwa Pili Said Nongwa
Kasimu Athuman Njou Kasimu Athuman Njou
Asha Ali Nguyu Asha Ali Nguyu
Daula Kassimu Mlanzi Daula Kassimu Mlanzi

ACA Initiative Secondary School Scholarships – Patrick Muthomi Mutai Scholarship Fund

$300 Will Pay for a Rural Tanzanian Child to Attend School!

Since we launched this program in 2015, we have doubled the amount of students that qualify for secondary school Each year. In 2015, there were 8 students that passed the exams. In 2016, there were 16 students that passed and in 2017 there are 35 students that passed exams and are moving onto secondary school. They can’t yet, because they need your help!

Educating African children remains the best practice for sustainable development

Attending school in Tanzania is different from Western schools. They have two levels of standard education in the country. The first is primary school. It is required for all children to attend (although not strictly enforced). This is from grade 1 through grade 7, or ages 6-14. In grade 7 all school children are required to pass a test to move onto secondary school, the second level of standard education. Not everyone passes the test and those that do not, enter the real world looking for work. Most of the rural youth that do not go onto secondary school will work on farms or own a farm of their own.

What does the $300 buy?

However, those that pass the test are permitted to move onto secondary school – or the equivalent of high school in the U.S. Recently, the Tanzanian government – under newly elected President John Magufuli – abolished school fees for all levels of universal standard education. This has reduced the cost of attending school in Tanzania. However, there are a host of other indirect expenses that need to be covered in order for the student to attend secondary school, even if they passed the test. These expenses include:

  • Uniforms for boys and girls
  • Books
  • School supplies
  • Mathematics tables
  • Schoolbags
  • Annual Dormitory Fees

While these things may seem trivial, you have to remember that most of the students in the rural areas come from very poor families. The average family in Chumbi village, in the Rufiji District of Tanzania, makes less than $1 per day for the whole family! Due to these added costs, most of the families cannot afford to send their kids to school even if they pass the test.

Studies have shown the direct correlation between education and development. Rural sub-Saharan Africa is the least developed place on earth. So more students with higher educations will have increased opportunities to help transform their villages by giving back to their region. Some of these students will be provided the opportunity of a lifetime by attending university in the future.

Support African Education

ACA Initiative Executive Director, Daniel Donovan, with village leader Manzi and Headmaster Mr. Jeremiah Jackson

ACA Initiative does not want to see qualified students unable to attend school. This is why ACA Initiative has setup a scholarship fund for all qualified students in Chumbi to attend secondary school. This scholarship covers all of their indirect expenses and even includes a bicycle, since the secondary school is almost seven miles away!

For $300 you can change a child’s life permanently by providing them the opportunity they have never had themselves. Give the gift of education and help promote learning and sustainable development in rural Africa.

Students from the 2017 Graduating Class

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