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St. Francis of Assisi Secondary School for Girls

Father Dismas Kimboi first met ACA Initiative in June of 2015 in Ikwiriri. He expressed his interest to Daniel and Jennifer Donovan to build a school for girls to help provide opportunity to an extremely vulnerable and disenfranchised group.

Girls in the Coastal region of Tanzania, where Ikwiriri is located, have very little opportunity or education. In fact, over 30% of all females in the region have no education at all. This is because in some families, education is not viewed as something for females. In addition, girls are often married off at a young age so that the family does not have another mouth to feed. This is due to poor economic development in the region. Most families of 5 make less than $300 per year.

This school will help change the mindset of the community, and when more and more young girls flock to the school, they will raise up the community around them with their empowerment.