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Why Donate to ACAI?

ACAI’s platform ensures effectiveness, sustainability and impact without constant donor dependence. Here’s how:

Omari1. Effectiveness: ACAI’s strategic training strategies are developed by agricultural experts that know how to not only improve farm yields,  but connect small farmers to the market to ensure maximum earning potential and long-term agro-business solutions to curb poverty.

2. Sustainability: Every dollar you donate to ACAI equals $5 of money implemented in the program. Using ACAI’s sustainable system, we make your generous donations go farther and impact more people.

3. Impact: Investment in agriculture in Africa is not just about throwing money at the problem, it’s about making that money work for the people. That’s why ACAI invests heavily in programs that will help participants not only earn money and pull themselves out of poverty, but reinvest that money to make it work for them. \


ACAI’s footprint is to help those that do not have the resources to help themselves by providing them with the tools, training and connectivity to improve their lives indefinitely. Each small donation can change a family’s life forever. How will you change the world?

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